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Scent & Sensibility – Exchange Square Shopping Mall

Established in 2015, Scent & Sensibility is brought to you by Somros Sophea Distribution Co. Ltd. It’s a distribution business for High-End Niche Fragrances, Skin/Hair-Care and Cosmetics and was established in 2015.

Scent & Sensibility’s Ethos is “To Boldly Go!”

Scent & Sensibility’s goal is to become one of the biggest distributors of fragrances, skin/hair-care and cosmetics in the whole of Cambodia. To become known as one of the most reliable and trusted companies that brings only the best quality brands of products into the market. Has achieved year on year targets showing impressive growth.

Scent & Sensibility aims to maintain our reputation of selling high quality products. As a company, we would like to propose the implementation of sales counters and stores. These new stores/counters will be beneficial to Somros Sophea, retailers and customers. We decided to research and evaluate a market that would generate a ROI in a short to medium term, taking into consideration the increase in consumption of luxury goods in emerging markets and their rise in affluence.

The brands we work with are all internationally renowned and amongst the best in the world. Our list of clientele basically comes from high profile socialites and a new, wealthy emerging middle class who have benefitted from Cambodia’s robust economic growth.

Through our extensive research, we have discovered that men and women display different behavioral processes when it comes to purchasing fragrances, skin/hair-care and cosmetics. Hence, we intend to implement various marketing strategies to perfectly target the right audience so as to take advantage of the various purchasing behaviours and to be included in the buyer’s journey and decision making process.