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Monument Books – Exchange Square Shopping Mall

Monument Books was established in Phnom Penh in 1993 and has grown to become the largest chain of bookstores in Cambodia. One of the perfect choice of bookstores for book lovers to always consider of is Monument Books. Establishing in 1993, Monument Books is really popular in Phnom Penh city, currently, its outreach in the city as a well-known place of discover a world of fantasy to more than hundreds of books.

Monument Books in Cambodia is renowned for books in English but also offers a selection of books in a variety of other languages. Our major outlets carry a wide selection of books including and up-to-date range of popular fiction and non-fiction, children books, history of Cambodia and Southeast Asia. Travel, Cookery, Health, Parenting, Self-help, Religion, Art and Design and general reference books including dictionaries and atlases. Monument Books stocks and sells a wide range of higher education, secondary, primary and ELT texts.